Hypnotism: the Last Resort

HypnotismEvery professional hypnotist has heard this phrase multiple times from clients: “I’ve tried everything else…this is pretty much my last resort.” It’s unfortunate, because in the hands of a skilled practitioner, hypnotism works so well for so many different problems, it should be the first first choice.

This is usually because of fears and misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotists, promulgated by the media (as evidenced by the image to the right). Hypnotism is almost never portrayed in movies and television shows as being something beneficial. News outlets leap on sensational stories  about rare abuses of hypnosis (like recent stories linking the suicides of teenagers to hypnosis by their principal*) but rarely cover the thousands of full-time hypnotists in the U.S. who are quietly helping their clients lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Some hypnotherapists complain that stage hypnotists add to the misconception that hypnotists only make people do silly and embarrassing things (most hypnotists have heard “I don’t want to quack like a duck” innumerable times). I’ve been a stage hypnotist in the past, so I think there is a valid role for hypnosis to entertain, so I don’t sweat it if I need to explain to my clients that I only want to help them. I’ve adapted a few stage techniques to help my clients, in fact!

hypnotism-with-clientThe reason hypnosis is almost always sensationalized is that in a clinical setting, there’s usually nothing exciting to be seen. The image at left accurately depicts what it looks like when a client is hypnotized. Not terribly dramatic!

It’s my hope that hypnosis will become more widely accepted and trusted as a practical methodology to help people feel better.  Numerous scientific studies show that it actually works more effectively than some other potential solutions such as cognitive behavioral therapy and so-called “talk therapy.” Maybe one day a lucky hypnotist will hear the magic phrase “You are the first person I’ve seen for this.”

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*Careful examination of this particular case indicates that the relationship between the principal’s hypnosis and the suicides is only coincidental. but nearly every news story makes it sound like hypnosis was the direct cause.