Hypnosis is not mind control

hypnosis mind controlRecently someone left a “review” on my Google page that suggested (though he had not come to me for hypnosis) I hypnotize my clients to write good reviews. I asked Google to remove it for reasons that will become clear below, but I did think it made for a good blog post. Can you achieve mind control with hypnosis?

The short answer is no. I live in a modest house in Houston, Texas. I have had some wealthy clients. If hypnotic mind control were possible I might be living on a private island by now. I use the word “might” above because it is, at its core, a matter of ethics. It is unethical to suggest that a client do something that benefits you at their expense. Every full-time hypnotist I know (and I know a fair number) is highly ethical and makes it a high priority not to take advantage of his or her clients.

I am no exception. I actually tell my clients my goal is to help them in the fewest number of sessions possible. I don’t want to string them along just to make more money off them. I figure that if I help them to conquer a problem they’ve had for months or years in just a few weeks, that they will then go tell other people about me, and I will reap the monetary benefits of those referrals. The fact that I can help most clients succeed in three to five sessions is the main reason I have numerous five-star reviews on Yelp and Google. I don’t need mind control for that. I have a lot of very happy clients.

Also, and this is important: people usually remember what was said to them under hypnosis. This is where the idea of hypnosis as mind control falls apart.  If an unscrupulous hypnotist takes advantage of a female client (this is exceedingly rare but does happen once in a while), she will remember that she was taken advantage of and then seek the assistance of the police. She may revisit the hypnotist wearing a wire and then it’s jail time for that crooked hypnotist. Professional hypnotists know this, but some casual hypnotists sometimes do not, and think they can get away with unethical practices with impunity. Note: Like many hypnotists, I also audio-record my sessions with female clients for an added measure of safety and comfort.

Plus, as the saying goes, “a high tide floats all boats.” Unethical practices hurt all professional hypnotists (we already struggle with fear-inducing and inaccurate media depictions of hypnosis) and can damage our ability to make a living. Creating and maintaining trust with the public makes all our jobs easier.

So no, Google-“review” troublemaker, I don’t hypnotize my clients to leave good reviews. They happily do it because I am a skilled, highly ethical hypnotist and I get them the results they are looking for.

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