Learn to use a Chevreul Pendulum!

Chevreul PendulumDid you know you can communicate and interact with your subconscious without being in hypnosis? All you need is one simple tool. It’s known as a Chevreul Pendulum and with it you can communicate directly with your subconscious while you are awake.

You can make a pendulum out of any weight at the end of a string or chain. It doesn’t need to be fancy, although you can buy fancy pendulums on Amazon and Ebay.

How it works: the pendulum works by a scientific principle called ideomotor response. It’s caused by your subconscious mind causing tiny imperceptible movements in your hand, which in turn causes the pendulum to swing.

Hypnotists use ideomotor response (in a slightly different form) to communicate directly with your subconscious while you are hypnotized. Now with your pendulum, you can communicate with it, too!

Here are detailed instructions on using your pendulum. First off, you need to draw your chart (or diagram), Here is a blank chart:Chevreul Pendulum chart

Draw this diagram on a piece of paper and hold the Chevreul Pendulum still over the middle of the cross. Then say out loud, “Show me the direction for yes.” You should see motion in one of the directions, so you can put “yes” on that arrow. If you don’t see any motion, ask out loud again.

Then say “show me the direction for no” and you should get motion in the other direction (occasionally the pendulum may move in a diagonal motion, so just draw a new line if that happens). Repeat the process with directions for “I Don’t Know” and “I Don’t Want to Answer.”

So the four directions are:


Once you have a direction established for each answer, you can proceed to use ideomotor response, in the form of the swinging movements of the pendulum, to poll your subconscious.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ideomotor response is a scientific phenomenon and has nothing to do with divination or anything supernatural. The Chevreul Pendulum CANNOT be used to predict the future, tell fortunes, perform dowsing, etc. For example, if you ask the pendulum “Will I win the lottery?” you will get an “I don’t know” response because your subconscious cannot predict the future.

However, your subsconscious is like a storehouse for memories, from the very recent past all the way back to when you were a kid, and the pendulum can give you access to those memories, even if you cannot consciously recall them.

A simple example: say you misplaced your car keys. Your subconscious will remember where you placed them, even if your conscious mind can’t recall. So you can use the “zeroing in technique” to help find them.

Here is how to zero in on the car keys. Draw a diagram (you need to draw a new one for every pendulum session) and get your directions for the four answers. Then think of possible locations where you might have left your keys and start asking questions. You might say, “are they in the bedroom?” If you get a NO answer, ask about another location.

If you get a YES answer, you can zero in even more. Say they are in the bedroom. Ask “Are they in the dresser” or “Are they in the nightstand drawer?” Sooner or later you will zero in on the location of your keys!

The Chevreul Pendulum can also identify subconscious blocks to your success, happiness and health.You can ask the pendulum a question like “Are there any subconscious blocks to my succeeding in my new business?” If you get a NO answer, then you are good to go. If you get YES response, then there is a subconscious block that came to be at some point in the past.

Note that the subconscious always tells the truth, and you can sometimes be surprised by its answers to your questions.

You can use the zeroing process to find out the exact date the block occurred. Just start by asking about a broad range of time and once you get a YES response, narrow it down from there.

Example: “Did the block originate when I was aged from one to 10?” NO.

“Did it occur when I was aged 11 to 20?” YES

Now you can narrow down that range:

“Did it occur when I was aged 11 to 15?” NO

Did it occur when I was aged 16 to 20?” YES

…and so on. You can also narrow down by months, days and even hours

Is there a person associated with your subconscious block? You can zero in there too. Ask questions like “Is it someone in my family?” or “Is it someone I work with?” or “is it a friend?” and zero in from there with actual names.

Using the zeroing in technique you can gain a great deal of detail about the actual event. Once you have this info you can begin to deal with the circumstances of the subconscious block. One of the best ways to do this is via hypnosis.

Remember you must always ask YES or NO questions. If you get an I DON’T KNOW response, it might be because your subconscious doesn’t know the answer or you phrased the question poorly. If you get an I DON’T WANT TO ANSWER response, this may mean that your subconscious is not ready to respond or may be protecting you from a painful memory.

If you uncover a subconscious block with your Chevreul Pendulum and desire to use hypnosis to help resolve it, please contact Dan by calling 800-481-5949 or by visiting the Hypnosis Works! website.